Something old, something new

This is really starting isn’t it? It’s hard to fathom, with all the stops and starts that I am really, truly starting my DE cycle. I have my first appointment Wednesday morning for a base u/s, injection “training” (lol, like I NEED that… I’m a flippin’ expert by now), consents, and the holy-cripes-there-goes-my-bank-account payment for my cycle.

I’m nervous. So much can go wrong. This is worse than cycling by myself. How do I chase the bad thoughts from my head? I really want to focus on the positive.

Today was David’s first day at his summer camp program (run by his old school he went to for preschool and pre-K). He’s going just a few days a week… mostly to have fun (swimming, field trips, crafts, etc)… but also to keep all the knowledge he gained in Kindergarten front and center.
He was uber-excited to go today… talking about it all weekend and in the car on the way there. When we got there he met his old teachers who just love him to death, and a few kids returning for the summer. It was all going so well until I hugged him to leave…

He buried his head between my hip and elbow, and started to weep. I felt so bad!! But I know that this is the age that separation anxiety is at a peak. I specifically picked this program because I knew it wouldn’t be a huge stress on him (being comfortable with the teacher and some of the kids), but there’s no escaping a six year old that’s tough on the outside and a mommy’s boy on the inside.

I’m sure he’s fine. I’ll pick him up today and I’m know he’ll have a bazillion stories to tell me and will already have forgotten about the morning.

I sooooo remember this feeling he’s having. I was like that at his age too.

Six. On the verge of conquering the world, and yet still wanting to be little and led by the hand.

Last point-

Did you enter my drawing for the DNA testing kit from 23andMe? If you didn’t, sorry… too late to win a free one, but there’s a nifty deal for purchasing one. If you did enter, pop over here. I announced the winner!

6 thoughts on “Something old, something new

  1. I am so excited for you on the DE cycle. Look at it this way- the doctors have the schedule thing covered- that's not for you to worry about. Chances are soooo much higher that you'll come home with a live baby. Just keep focusing on the "why" of what your doing, rather than the how. Let the doctors focus on the how….

  2. DE is a completely different thing than cycling with your own eggs. Really. Very. Different. (And twice ad expensive! But also…a much better chance of success)Poor David. Poor mommy. If it's any consolation he was probably fine 30 second after you left.

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