Is that hell freezing over?

After the longest wait, I have a tentative schedule. I almost can’t believe it myself. Surely, I have stepped into an alternate reality. The only thing bringing me back to earth is that honking big check I have to write in a couple days.

I start Lupron THIS WEEK. Donor retrieval/my transfer estimated around July 20-26.

Can I get a HELL YEAH????

Hoping I haven’t bored you to death over the last couple of months… you’re still out there right…..? I need all my cheerleaders front and center. weeeeeee…..

13 thoughts on “Is that hell freezing over?

  1. Reading this brings back lots of memories of Fall 2007. Here's hoping that those memories get to be as fond as mine (even though there definitely were NOT fond during the waiting, and waiting, and freakin' waiting!).

  2. I'm a new reader…found you via A Beautiful Mess/Dani's blog.I too am experiencing secondary infertility. I SO appreciate reading blogs of moms who are encountering issues similar to mine, thus I'll be back!!Thrilled for you as you continue your ttc journey. GO, girl!!! 🙂

  3. I'll be saying prayers for you- and will be following in your foot steps. Just about to start cycling with my donor with transfer around the second week of August…

  4. My RSS reader hasn't been notifying me of your updates (!) but I like what I'm seeing here, this is great news. June is halfway over and July will be here before you know it.Very excited for you, and I'll definitely be part of your cheering squad! ;PYour son is just too adorable for words. What a great cake.And cool contest, txs!

  5. SHELLI IS WHAT? Red hot!SHELLI IS WHAT? Red hot!Let's spell it!R-E-D RED! H-O-T HOT!Once she starts she can't be stopped!RED HOT! RED HOT! RED HOT HOT HOT!Cheerleader Kym is front and center! ***SPIRIT FINGERS***

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