Last day of school, and a surprise.

David on his last day.

David’s last day of Kindergarten is today. Did that go fast or what? It gets me misty-eyed, as I remember my own year of Kindergarten so fondly. There’s no escaping it… he’s a big boy now.

Over the weekend we had a little family party for David’s birthday. He had so much fun he slept until 9am on Sunday (unheard of in this house)! In fact, we spent much of the day Sunday recuperating from a busy weekend.

David and “the cake”.

Not much else to report, except to say you’ll want to stay tuned to my blog this week.

Why? Well, I’m hosting my first official giveaway, and I know you all will enter, won’t you??? You won’t want to miss it. The retail value is a staggering $400.

I’m no joke.

4 thoughts on “Last day of school, and a surprise.

  1. I can't believe his school year is over already!Great cake, and yay for a fun party.And, responding to your comment on my blog…I really, really, really hope this will be *it* for both of us!

  2. Between what you and someone else on a different blog has posted, I'm pretty sure I know what the giveaway is for. And I want it badly. So, y'know. :)Congrats to your little man. They grow so fast, don't they? My little guy turned 6 on the very day of his Kindergarten graduation on May 22. *sigh* They grow just way too fast.

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