The zoo, and a very large totebag…

I remember my first official elementary school field trip. We went to the zoo. I don’t remember a lot about that trip, but I do remember we did a lot of walking. Most of the stories are retold by my Mom (she remembers the early days a lot better than I do).

Yesterday, I took off a day of work, laced up my walking shoes, packed a bag that I swore I would regret carrying (more on that in a sec), and joined the commune of (mostly) SAH Moms for the Kindergarten extravaganza of excitement and torture… otherwise known as the “trip to the zoo”.

Fifty 5 and 6 year-olds, two buses, and 12 chaperones.

Oh, the bag… I must tell you. I didn’t want to bring the Coach bag, so I switched to a Vera Bradley tote instead. The contents? Plentiful for student emergencies. I had wipes, tissues, band-aids, sunblock, water, tylenol, extra clothes, an umbrella, snacks, camera, napkins, and about 5 other miscellaneous items that made the bag so heavy I could have used it as a lethal weapon.

Overkill? perhaps.

But then as I met and started talking to some of the other moms, I realized they were carrying small purses or NOTHING. Which kind of intrigued me.

Let me tell you a little bit about my son’s catholic school. Most of these Moms have LARGE families. If you work full-time or have two or less kids they marvel at you like you are some sort of endangered species. So, I have to wonder, why pack so light? I thought they would be the ones hauling the stuffed backpacks and acting in line with the Girl Scout motto… “Be Prepared!” But no, not the case.

So what if I told you I used EVERYTHING in my bag? Oh yes. I administered first aid once (to one of my assigned kids), donated all my napkins to another Mom cleaning vomit, dispensed all my band-aids, and used up my sunblock, used all my wipes (when the bathroom ran out of toilet paper), and donated a shirt to a poor little guy who got sick on himself. I strategically used all my snacks to bribe two kids to sit quietly and stop bugging each other on the bus.

I even became the staff photographer when several moms forgot their cameras.

The kids had a great time, the only downside was the zoo we went to was more than an hour away, so our time actually IN THE ZOO was compressed to three hours (and we had to build lunch in there too).

It was a nice day. And, after trolling the zoo looking at zebras, snakes, and alligators keeping track of a herd of kids (and saving the day with my two ton tote) I think I would qualify as a mom deserving of more than one kid, don’t you?

Should I ask my RE to transfer a litter of donor embryos?

Whatcha think? lol.

9 thoughts on “The zoo, and a very large totebag…

  1. wow! way to go being prepared, i would be the same way! so weird that those moms weren't more prepared! strange. I think you are soo deserving of another baby! and hopefully really soon 🙂

  2. You rock. Before I was a mom, I escorted a group of children from a Bronx homeless shelter to a day at Yankee Stadium (with my teeny tiny Coach bag). I ended up shelling out like 25 bucks for a Yankee T-shirt for the poor kid who had one too many hot dog and got sick all over himself. I learned my lesson early – always throw and extra set of everything in the bag. Hey, you never know.

  3. It's official. We were separated at birth. lol. You should have seen all that I had in my outing tote bag yesterday. Ridiculously overkill. But there was one item I did not have and of course, it was what I needed!! Bah! I rarely leave home without provisions for any and all scenarios. lol

  4. My grandmother used to carry a can of beans in her purse in case someone attacked her. Her plan was to whack them over the head with her bag.Glad to know that you're packing heat, as well.P.S. I need to remember to e-mail you to catch up!

  5. Way to go YOU! I have our field trip on Friday and I'm already planning on what to put into the backpack! I can't believe some moms didn't take ANYTHING. That's like field trip suicide. Crazy!Glad you had a lot of fun and were WELL prepared.*HUGS*

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