Fun with Fortune Cookies: Part Two

You might remember this post from long ago when I looked for magic in a fortune cookie.

Consider this the second installment, but much less magical.


Think about it (go ahead, I’ll wait…)

Let me say one thing first before we explore the meaning of fortunes. Fortunes are supposed to be HOPEFUL, LUCKY, UPLIFTING.

So I put some real thought to this.

Ok, trees can’t touch the sky….

Is this just a statement of fact?

Or rather, trees can’t ever reach the sky, thereby never achieving their personal “tree” goals? Do trees have a goal?

ok, trees are people then (those Germans love their analogies, I should know… I am one).

People can’t touch the sky. Physically, sure.

Is this supposed to represent dreams/goals PEOPLE can achieve?

Wait, this is seriously turning into a downer. Is this fortune telling me “don’t bother reaching for the stars, because, HA! you’ll never get there!?”

Oh for pete’s sake. What a freakin’ buzzkill.

Perhaps the economic downturn has affected the “fortune cookie writers”? I sense a very pissed off employee.

This “fortune” is no fortune at all.

I need a new Chinese restaurant.

15 thoughts on “Fun with Fortune Cookies: Part Two

  1. We all heard the sky is the limit. But there really is no limit, no trees touch the sky to me this means that you have endless possibility and opportunity to endlessly reach your goal. Trees are big and grounded yet no tree has reached the sky which is “the limit” this is positive if you set your mind to making it positive. Ground yourself and reach for what you think is impossible cause without limits it may just come true.

  2. I asked my big brother what this meant and he told me “It means: you know how you’re trying to be famous with your little rock music? It ain’t gonna happen.”
    But what the hell does he know? Lol
    I think it means that if you limit yourself to what you want to achieve, you can’t achieve your dreams.

  3. bahahaha!!! I just got this same fortune yesterday and I had the exact same thoughts!!! I tried to make it sound positive like, We all have our limits. At the end of the day, we’re all the same, and all we do is the best we can… still seems like a stretch to put any good spin on it…

  4. No trees touch the Sky Meaning to me is that thankfully in life there are no limitations we can grow and expand as far as we want in life. If you put a tree to grow inside it will only grow as far as the roof but a tree set free out doors.. it can grow as far as it likes knowing the sky will never limit it………it is a positive meaning guess its like the cup …….you either see it half full or half empty ………..No trees touch the Sky thank God for that 😉 have a wonderful day and feel blessed knowing you have no limitations or good things you can do today!!!!!!!!!!!Sincerely, Angela from The Bronx

  5. Think of it like this no trees ever touch the sky ,saying all the life of the tree it grows and grows towards the sky but never reachs it but also it never gives up hence if you have a goal or a dream never give up at it no matter how far or unexaughtable the goal maybe

  6. yea, I agree…to make it sound “good” takes too much work. Sounds to me like its saying if trees can’t touch the sky, why the heck should we try?!?:) New Chinese restaurant in order ASAP! 🙂

  7. I prefer fortunes that say, “You are going to come in to a lot of money.” They never come true, but at least it gives you a moment of hope.My euphemistic spin…..trees always have room to grow and new goals and challenges to reach for. You should never be done growing.–MM

  8. LOL oh man that sucks! But I think the sky starts as soon as your off the ground, soo therefore the tree reaches the sky as soon as it sprouts from its seed! yay tree!

  9. Oh I can TOTALLY put a positive spin on this fortune, WATCH! If the tress are people and the sky is our goal this would mean that we are OUT reaching our goals because we branch out AND up to achieve them. Our goals don’t always have to be in the sky, but are also around us and as we branch out, we are striving to reach our goals. Also: never give up! See? Told ya I could do it!*HUGS*

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