On my mind this week…

Oh, it’s been awhile since I had one of those “all over the map” posts. This will be one, so be forewarned… I’m still coming off my vacation funk.

I told myself I wouldn’t do it, but I am feeling the need to comment on the Jon & Kate thing. Yes, I am guilty of watching the show from last Monday (and past shows), and… ugh… I have so many feelings about it. I’ve been reading a varied bunch of posts, many that bash Kate and/or Jon, and curiously, many that are starting to come out of the woodwork that grant sympathy to Kate.

Here’s my short comment… Making money off the backs of those children (fully knowing that this media frenzy will haunt them f-o-r-e-v-e-r) is wrong. I’m sorry. I don’t care if it they are doing it to secure themselves financially. Not good enough. Plenty of people have large families and make it work and aren’t television stars. And, don’t get me started on the “you should have thought about that in the first place” trail of thought. It gets the infertile part of me all riled up.

Sell your books, use the profits for more teeth bleaching and fake spray-on tans… create a J&K+8 clothing line for all I care.. but take the damn cameras off those kids immediately… if you really care about their health and welfare.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


David is graduating Kindergarten in less than two weeks! I just can’t believe my baby is almost done his first year of school. That just flew by. Next Tuesday, I volunteered as chaperone to his school field trip to the zoo. I just can’t wait to ride a school bus with a bunch of 5/6 year olds. The last time I rode on a school bus was to a Frat party back in my college days. aaaah, memories. AHEM… different type of bus trip… entirely.


I am having a really hard time readjusting to work. Honestly, something happened to me on vacation that activated the “procrastination chip” in my head. I sincerely need to get back into the swing. Maybe I really did relax too much. Is that possible?


I am catching up on the gazillion shows I DVR’d while I was gone. Shocked at some of the finales.


And, I just realized that I have to get my list together for David’s “official” birthday party (with the family) next Saturday. This time of year, everything just seems to take off and run at breakneck pace.


Lastly, please check out my “last” 23andMe post up over at my review blog…here

…and have a pleasant weekend!

3 thoughts on “On my mind this week…

  1. I totally agree. She could make a perfectly fine living on books, speaking engagements, what have you. I used to love J&K+8 and truth be told, back in the day, she gave me a lot of inspiration, but now – bleh. They need to pull the plug NOW. She's so out of control. I suspect that with all the media frenzy, it is going to create a backlash of sympathy for her. God knows they are not lacking in viewers, so I suppose the only thing that will take them down is issues with child labor laws.

  2. I am soooo over J&K+8! But, like the pp, I have to watch, just to see how they act?!? Stupid I know.David is going to be graduating college before you know it 🙂

  3. How can you avoid the J&K+8? I totally agree with you…and I watched Monday's show. It just felt wrong, but like a train wreck, I couldn't look away. I just FEEL for those kids, you know?Kindergarten graduation!?! Wow, time has flown!Hope this weekend is productive and relaxing for you!

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