Boring! I like it.

I have to post about my un-eventful appointment at the RE yesterday.

Primarily, because it was flawless. This is a good thing, because if you’ve been reading along, you know my cervix is sort of funny, and not in the funny HA-HA kind of way. Funny as in… hard to see, hard to get to…a pain in the ass.

The trial transfer went great. Dr. Nerd (nerdy as always, but very sweet) seems to think that my cycling while on follicle-stimulation meds is what makes my challenging cervix even worse.

The good news is I will not be on stims with the donor cycle (obviously), so perhaps a future transfer will be a non-issue, and just as easy as the test yesterday.

I had a sonohysterography as well. My female parts all lovely and accounted for. I said hello to my lazy ovaries and could care less that they were sleeping soundly. You two are officially off the clock …for good. Sleep all you want.

Even the blood draw was a breeze. No hunting and pecking for a good vein. Just loveliness and a Dora the Explorer bandage for my trouble.

I even had a good laugh tricking the scale (and the nurse). I hadn’t had my weight and BP taken there since last year, so how happy was I when they pre-set the scale with the weight I WAS. Only to have to move that large weight back a space, and the little weight back more and more. Many, many pounds less than they had last recorded, even with jeans and sneakers on. Take THAT you bad, bad scale!

If only every visit went like that.

As I knock on wood, I will hope that this is a harbinger of good news for the next couple of months. But for now, the week is halfway done and the only thing left on my radar for this week is packing my bathing suit and driving south. Escaping from all of the madness and spending some quality time with my boys (the big one and the little one).

Sunshine to cure the soul…

5 thoughts on “Boring! I like it.

  1. Good job on the lower weight slots! Doesn’t it feel great when they click that back a notch rather than the other direction.And I like the description of your cervix as a pain in the ass…not exactly right, but close. ;)–MM

  2. Hooray for normal and boring! 🙂 Even though things didn’t work out w/ Molly, I do wonder if that cycle worked because it was FET, instead of IVF. I had heard that some women do better during cycles w/ out stims. I have a friend who has two living child, both from FET and has only been able to conceive/sustain pregnancies that way. Anyway, wishing you the best for this cycle! Thanks for the update! 🙂

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