Miserable Monday

Today has just been one of those Mondays.

David returned to school from his Spring Break, and at 7:30am I sat down in my office to get productive. Well, the joke was on me. I couldn’t access my work network. Seems my company downloaded code (this is where I remind you I work for a technology company) that blew up my VPN network (which just means I can’t get into anything!)

Four hours later on the phone with my company’s tech support (I use that term loosely), I finally worked out the problem that chewed up half of my day. Once I logged in, it was as if the floodgates opened with problems.

Work is killing me again.

The only thing I like about it anymore is that I work from home. But recently, The Company (sounds so, Heroes…. doesn’t it?) took away the option for me to expense my cable and phone. It’s a squeeze play to get employees back into offices. Like I am sure that makes more sense to pay for REAL ESTATE instead of my $50 cable, but whatev…

Not only that but I’ve been busy documenting my job upon request of management.

Do you smell something fishy here?

On top of all of this, S. is about to lose his job. He works for The A.merican Aut.o Manu.facturer that is about to go under. His management was let go last week. We are counting the days.

I am terrified to lose both of our incomes.

My upbeat attitude went from WAY UP HERE to the bottom of the bucket now that the sh!t is hitting the fan. I hate to be worried, but it is all-consuming lately.

Did I mention I just got another bill from “deadbeat donor”? Was unexpected (I thought I paid to get her out of my head forever, but I was smacked with one more reminder of failure.)


Just one of those days.

8 thoughts on “Miserable Monday

  1. Sucks to start your week that way! You and hubby will be in my prayers…this economy is so hard and I can’t imagine how stressed you must be! 😦

  2. The donor is billing you directly?? Please tell me that’s not so. It seems no one has “job security” anymore. Maybe your mgt is just making sure that your job is something that must be retained if they ever do cut back. Thinking optimistically for you.

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