Donor: The Sequel

So I picked another donor. In-house.

She is older (27), already a Mom (recent proven fertility), and seems like a very responsible person, on paper. One of the nurses at my clinic, (let’s call her Vicki)… I love. When I sat down in that familiar room and opened up the binder, she and I had a long talk about where my head is at. I gave her the same speech I gave my Donor Coordinator, which was…. I want them to intently determine if this donor is on point from Day One. If they feel any indication of wishy-washyness (is that a word?) or instability I want the brakes slammed down, and I’ll move on.

So after I narrowed down to this donor in the book, I had a couple minor questions. Vicki was nice enough to offer up calling her and feeling her out for me at the same time. So she left the room, I sat in silence for 20 minutes checking my e-mail.

When she got back, Vicki smiled. “I think this one is a keeper…. she said she’s very interested and ready to go. “ Without telling me anything I can’t know (the part that sucks choosing an anonymous donor), I saw in her face that this was a good choice. I am happy to take advantage of the money-savings the clinic is giving back to me because of my bad experience.

Assuming this girl passes my litmus test with the donor coordinator at her intake appointment, I guess we have a donor again. Hopefully not a “crackerjack”….(my blogging buddy Kim made me pee my pants using this term… Kim, I’d link to you here if you had an open blog… you slay me…lol).

So after a blessing from the husband last night, we are back on the map for
Donor Cycle #1, Part Deux.

Please, please let this be The One.

9 thoughts on “Donor: The Sequel

  1. My donor was 27. Was a mother (therefore proven and the first time the nurse called her she was “in” and we never had even the smallest speed bump as far as her being stable. All I’m saying is that there are many similarities here. She had a beautiful cycle, produces many viable eggs which turned into 8 embies (7 frozen) and resulted in a healthy singleton pregnancy. She also recovered quickly from the surgery. Hope we can keep our twins streak going and you have the positive outcome that I have had.It’s not how many times you get knocked down it’s if you get up that counts. You, my dear, are resilient.

  2. woo hooo! This is FANTASTIC news.Very smart move to have “Vicki” make a call to see if she passed the crackerjack test.Oh I am so excited for you and even more excited that the donor said she was “ready to go”.yay!!

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