Don’t try to pull one on me today

I don’t think I’ve ever pulled an April Fool’s joke on anyone, ever in my lifetime. Really.

But over the years, my gullible nature has made me fall prey to all sorts of tricks. My husband is the number one offender. He LOVES to pick on me. Most of the time it’s because I am not aware that it even is April 1st until he plays some sort of lame joke and has his jollies. After which I smack him on the arm… “Hooooney! Please don’t do that to me!”

I think he secretly loves it.

So, my awareness of April 1st today is on my mind front and center. I have my appointment to pick another donor today. Let’s think about the coincidence of today being the day, shall we? Do you think it’s a good or bad omen?

Oh, and for those of you glued to your TV’s yesterday in anticipation of seeing my face plastered on GMA…. well, the bloggers were cut out for the most part except for one of my fellow writers. If you missed it, you can see the segment here.

Did you hear about this computer worm story? I think that’s all it will amount to be…a story. Every once in awhile some mega-virus is looming, and nothing ever happens. Working in the field of technology, I can assure you that my company isn’t very worried about it. So neither am I.

Lastly, I’ve finally given in to peer pressure and started reading the “Twilight” series of books. I’m halfway through book one, and still not seeing what all the rage is about. However, I wanted to read the books BEFORE I see the movie.

Movies always tend to ruin good books don’t they?

5 thoughts on “Don’t try to pull one on me today

  1. Sorry you got cut out.Hope today goes well. I know I had to look through the donors a few times before I found one. For me it was the type of thing I needed to see a few times before I clicked with one of them.

  2. I personally always see these coincidences as a good thing. I hope you find your new donor today. FWIW… I was already perusing a couple of databases before my + beta, and at least from what I saw… there are a *lot* more donors than there were about a year ago. So you’ve got that going for you.

  3. I was glued to my TV, my husband even asked why I was watching GMA, I was so sad to mot see you. Although it was a very good segment. I say it’s a GREAT day to get a new donor. The book gets really does.

  4. my hubby ALWAYS plays jokes on me, like this morning, have a whole post about it! hahagood luck with the new donor picking, i don’t think this day has any good or bad attached to it, it is just the perfect day to start out this new process! keeping things crossed for you 🙂

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