Petulant Monday

Some random and totally unconnected thoughts for this Monday.
Are you ready? I am about to do a little ranting.

The Mortgage Mess
No, I’m not going all political on you. Well, maybe a little. I just have to get this off my chest.

Husband and I are refinancing our mortgage. Mainly because (hello!) rates are freaking low, AND we have a home equity loan (used for the infertility medical expenses) which carries a pretty hefty payment. Responsible citizens that we are, we are restructuring our loans because it makes financial sense.

So, I am watching a news show last night, curiously… about The Mortgage Mess. Perhaps you saw it too. Anyway, I am watching this show with my husband, and my blood starts to boil. This show features a few families “caught up in the housing meltdown”, now destitute with their homes foreclosed. They are all playing the victim… THE MORTGAGE COMPANIES failed ME they say. THEY APPROVED ME FOR A LOAN I could NEVER AFFORD they say. I DIDN’T READ the LOAN paperwork, they say. The GOVERNMENT OWES ME, they say.

And I hit the roof. I am so freaking tired of people putting their mistakes on the backs of others. Anyone heard of PERSONAL responsibility? Do these people NOT have a family budget? If you clear $1,600 a MONTH in salary and were approved for a mortgage of $2,400 a month do you not have the brain cells to DO THE MATH???

And now, begins the bailout of these people who have NO RIGHT to be bailed out. And who pays for these folks making bad decisions? ME. I might as well stand out on the sidewalk in front of my house and hand out $100 bills. I am so incensed.

Way to teach your children the fine art of blaming others, my fellow citizens…. ! Way. to. go.

The Annoying Soccer Moms
If I need to overhear one more conversation between ungrateful Moms complaining about their kids, I am just going to lose it. I was hoping a random soccer ball would fly up and knock some perspective into their small heads. The have no idea how fucking lucky they are.

…ok, rants done. Ooooh, I feel better.

The End of the World
I live between two major Air Force Bases. My house isn’t on a direct flight path for the commercial jets so it’s unusual to hear air traffic ’round these parts. When we do, it’s military planes and helicopters. But not often. To me, they are distinct because they are so LOUD. Anyway, all weekend, there’s been something going on in the skies above my town. Specifically, the last two nights I thought The War of the Worlds was outside my window. Do military planes do training at night? I swear it’s so bizarre.

I know one of my blogging friends who have significant others in the military might offer up a comment on this. Please do… is it Training Week or something? Or should I be looking out for giant Octopus looking creatures? lol.

9 thoughts on “Petulant Monday

  1. I am with you on the mortgage mess. Personal responsiblity, baby. Seriously, it gets my blood boiling as well. Didn’t read the paperwork. Didn’t know they were signing things that weren’t true. What the F’ever. We have to struggle to pay our mortgage every month, no one is bailing us out! As far as the soccer moms complaining, I guess I may fall into that category at times – complaining that is. I need to be a little more grateful at times.

  2. Ugh…don’t even get me started on this mortgage crap! I was just saying the same thing…when you got the loan and you were told you’re payments would go up a $1000 in a year…did you think that you were going to magically get a huge raise? Whatev. I am over it!And, yes…unfortunately the military trains all times of the day! 🙂 So, you probably were hearing that going on. That or they were shippin in/out a whole bunch of people! :)Or it could be the war of the worlds…nothing would surprise me.

  3. OH YES! I am there with you. I pay my mortgage month in and month out….yet my friend who bought a house they cannot afford has been living in it mortgage free for over a year…. ERRRR. I get all worked up!

  4. I totally agree with you about the mortgage thing! We had the opportunity to buy when everything was so low and the banks were handing out money like it was candy. We chose NOT to because we weren’t sure if my husband would still have a job or not and KNEW we couldn’t make a mortgage payment on unemployment. We made the right choice because he lost his job and we would’ve lost out HOUSE! It frustrates me to no end that everyone expects others to help them out because they made a horrible choice. EEK, sorry I just went

  5. I hear you on the mortgage thing. I find it ironic that everyone is angry at the AIG bonuses and all that greed but they themselves were greedy buying a house they could not afford. Not that I agree with the bonuses but I am not a hypocrite either. We rent a house and it’s too small for us but we didn’t want to overpay for a house we could not afford.

  6. I sorta was thinking the same thing about the mortgage situation. I jsut don’t understand why ppl didn’t prepare better for this I guess? I hope a soccer ball hits their heads too!

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