Bullet… Dodged

Thank you for all the comments from yesterday. Today, I am happy to report that the shooting pain is gone… just a dull ache at this point. Still taking the super-dose of Motrin for just today, then I’ll back off and see if the pain is gone.

The doctor called yesterday, and the ultasound was negative. I feel like I dodged a major bullet there. Nothing like a life or death situation staring you in the face.

So the question remains, how does one have 48 hours of intense, repetitive (every 5 min) leg cramps if it isn’t DVT or trauma? Hell if I know, but if it comes back, I’ll be back to radiology for an MRI.

For now we do something I am so very good at… wait.

Speaking of waiting, amongst all this drama going on, the RE called me and said the donor got the “all clear”, medically speaking. Contagious diseases and STD’s are all negative. Nurse T said she wants the donor in for her psych eval within the next week or two as to not delay this any longer.

With any luck, I should be starting Lupron very soon.

And getting my official calendar of fun.

7 thoughts on “Bullet… Dodged

  1. Excellent news on both fronts! Wow, starting Lupron soon… that’s when the fun really starts! May it be as easy on you as it has been on me.First thing that comes to mind for me as well is some kind of nutrient lack. You might check your diet, etc. I am as curious as you are to know what it was.I had a weird bout of pain in my side once. Had to spent the night in the hospital, they never were able to tell me what it was. I changed my diet big time after that and have never had any trouble. Mmmmm, vegetables.

  2. SO glad to hear that the pain has dulled. I hope it never returns!Yay for the next step! Exciting!(And for your question in my comment section…I think I’m 16DPO today)

  3. oh wow!!! so much super good news!!! yay for no more mysterious leg pains! and yay for the go ahead for your donor!! it is all turning up for you now, i have some good vibes about all this for you!

  4. Thank God!I wonder how your potassium levels are. Low potassium levels can cause bad leg cramps that can hang around for a few days. I usually only get them when PG, but it happens at night when stretching. I feel my entire calf lock up causing SEVERE pain, and the cramp has to be massaged away. Frank can actually feel the muscle start off rock hard and begin to loosen as he rubs it. Then I’ll walk around hobbling for the next few days. Eat some bananas and/or drink some orange juice that has extra potassium and see if that helps any.I’m SO glad that it wasn’t DVT. I was nervous for you!

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