True Confessions

I’ve been tagged with the Honest Scrap award by numerous blogging friends (most recently by my new buddy from onwardandsideways).

So, I feel like I finally have to fess up and tell you Ten Honest Things About Myself:

1. I have always wanted to be a professional ice skater. This is a problem, in that, my previous skating experience is about a total of 5 hours lifetime on a frozen patch of ice behind my childhood home. Being clumsy as a kid, I just never acquired the coordination to achieve the dream. I secretly admire Scott Hamilton.

2. I was a bit awestruck at my friend being an official DAR (Daughter of the American Revolution)! I have a similar, yet decidedly less exciting membership in a secret society. I am a member of The Order of the Ea.stern Star, which is a group of immediate (female) descendants of the Freemasons (my Dad is a Mason). I can’t tell you what I do there because I’d break the sisterhood covenant and be burned at the stake (just kidding)! Well, about the burning at the stake part… the OES and it’s business is secret to non-members.

3. I’ve had a lot of run-in’s with celebrities over the years while traveling around the country with my job. I hit the jackpot one night in New York City as I was attending a seminar at the Marriott (used to be The Vista Hotel in the World Trade Center before 9/11 sadly). There happened to be a red carpet event the night I checked in. So, my co-workers and I just kinda crashed it. Really, we did!! I met Susan Lucci and discussed her haircare product line, peed next to Joan Collins in the bathroom and had a very nice conversation (at the sinks, not while in the stall, lol)… AND the highlight of my evening… meeting and shaking hands with Lenny Kravitz! Weeeeeeee!

4. I have a new obsession with turkey sausage. It started with my new, healthy eating habits in January when I went back to WW, but now I just can’t get enough of it. Sad, I know.

5. My other obsession (no surprise to my IRL friends who read this), my Keurig coffeemaker. I have a collection of K-Cups and exotic coffees, and cannot get through the day without my steaming fresh coffee on-demand. How bad is my obsession? I bought ANOTHER Keurig (the mini one) to take with me on vacation to Hilton Head, SC so I don’t have to go without it for 10 days.

6. I used to be fluent in German, but not anymore. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend two student programs in Europe when I was in high school (each 10-14 days when I was a freshman and a junior) which accelerated my “Deutsch”, took advanced classes in college and got REALLY GOOD… then I forgot it all over the years. Although I still remember the swear words (kidding…. no not kidding). Could probably get by to have a small conversation with Heidi Klum. lol.

7. I work for a technology company, and sadly, as I’ve gotten older it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the ever-changing technology. This is somewhat embarrassing. I fully expect my son to start teaching me soon.

8. I have a serious addiction to balancing my checkbooks.

9. I haven’t bought a designer handbag in 6 months (the longest I’ve ever gone without a new addition)… but seriously, a new one is coming soon since I just cashed in for a gift card with my Amex Reward points!

10. I have at least twenty sharpened #2 Pencils in my pencil cup. I secretly love using pencils. It reminds me of my youth. Oh, and I loooove to break open a new book. The pages smell… heavenly.

Now that was fun, wasn’t it? I could tag a bunch of bloggers, but practically everyone has been called out for this meme, so if you haven’t received this yet… this award is for YOU!

The Rules:
1. Write 10 honest things about yourself.
2. Select 7 other totally fabby bloggers who have great design, great content, or both.
3. List them along with #1 and ping them to let them know that they, too, have joined the hallowed halls of the winners of the Honest Scrap award.

4 thoughts on “True Confessions

  1. I’m a bit disappointed/proud that you’ve gone 6 months without a new handbag. Have fun picking out a new one! Great answers! I took German in high school, too. My dad is Indonesian and I wanted to know what he was talking about when he would talk to his family, since Dutch and German are so closely related. MMMMM new book smell is one of my favorites! Have a GREAT weekend!

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