Pardon Me, that’s just my head falling off

Oh, yes. The post last Saturday filled with joyous anticipation of a lovely, heart-filled holiday?

Crushed by one big bad stomach virus and illness cocktail.

On Sunday, I had a really bad day. Vomiting in the girl’s bathroom at my son’s elementary school? That could have been a Kodak moment, especially when you factor in the cute little girl who asked me if I was OK while I was trying to wash out my mouth with water from one of those trick faucets that dispenses .05 seconds of water at a time.

Monday, equally as tragic. I had a deadline for work (on President’s Day… who makes major deadlines on a semi-holiday anyway???) so I worked in between thinking about curling up in a ball in bed and wishing the world away.

Yesterday I felt marginally better, and then today I woke up with a migrane. Is the illness coming back? Oh, geez. I certainly can’t miss my favorite show, Lost, tonight.

The good news? S. and David are fine.

The bad news? My head feels like a nuclear bomb ready to explode.

That would be gross.

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