What, you missed me?

I got a call from the RE today (actually, Nurse T) to say the donor was having her last bloodwork done today (for STD’s and communicable diseases). They got back her Day 3 blood work end of last week, and all was well. A beautiful, low FSH and on the money estradiol.

Today I start BCP’s and wait. The donor is already on them… won’t start Lupron until the psych eval is completed end of this month. The good news is since we are already being primed to start, there won’t be much of a delay once we get the go.

Interestingly, Nurse T had more questions for me. I thought I had already gone through them all, but since I haven’t signed anything yet they are preparing the paperwork.


Are you freezing any extra embryos from the donor cycle? ummmm… hell yeah, I’m paying $15k for them, what’s another $1k?
Did you make a decision on disposal or donation of said embryos should you not need them/want them at a later date? more of a question for my husband, methinks.
Are you open to a single-embryo transfer, or not more than suggested amount by embryologist (in other words, we need to CYA because of the Octuplet scandal)? My take… I’m not looking for octuplets. I just want a live baby or two please.
Are you open to selective reduction if suggested? I am open to anything that does not put my life in jeopardy, and again, the goal is a LIVE baby. I will do whatever is in my best interest.

Interestingly enough, the RE happened to be standing in the wings on this phone call, and I heard some banter. Then Nurse T says…

“We’re thinking of having you come in for another trial transfer. We know your last trial transfer went easy, but your ACTUAL transfer last August was…. um, challenging.”

Gee, I thought you’d never ask. My answer, well OF COURSE. And for extra insurance, I get TWO of my RE’s to perform the trial transfer and take copious notes because of my complicated (or not?) cervix. An RE wing-man so to speak.

If you ask my opinion, I think they just miss me.

7 thoughts on “What, you missed me?

  1. I am so rooting for you! Your perserverance is inspiring to me. I just have such a good feeling about this working for you! Try to stay as mentally positive as possible during this time.

  2. Awww you’re so loved and missed! How special do you feel. I’ll be rooting for ya. I’ll even put on my cheer leading outfit and grab my pom poms. No pictures though, that would just not be nice ;o) HUGS!!!

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