And so begins my 41st year on earth

I actually have a rather meaty donor update for a change.

Donor had her Day 3 blood work and ultrasound yesterday, which went “fabulous” according to Nurse T. That means the uterus is looking fine, and the antral count, well, quite suitable and plentiful for a 22 year old.

Can we stop for a moment and reflect on the fact that I may be receiving eggs from someone TWENTY years younger than me? Ok… 19. I don’t want to age myself that much.

Yes, my 41st birthday was yesterday. But between us, I’m calling myself 39 again. lol.

So now we await the results from the infectious disease screening this week, and if that’s good we pass the second hurdle. Last mandatory step is her psych evaluation in two weeks, and if that hurdle is cleared too, she can begin meds.

From my end? I am to start BCP’s in a few days.

And wait.

[insert crickets chirping here]


It’s interesting to view an DE IVF cycle from the recipient’s perspective. I’m just waiting by the phone. A whole lot of nuthin’ going on.

Except, my weight that is. I’m down another 2 pounds this week, for a total of 17!

Now, THAT is exciting.

16 thoughts on “And so begins my 41st year on earth

  1. Happy birthday from a fellow Feb. 2birthday celebrator! And, what wonderful news about the donor and your weight loss. Just fabulous. Small steps add up to big leaps. You will be amazed at how far you are going to go.

  2. Yea for he weight loss. Slow and steady. I absolutely on pins and needles for you waiting for the donor to pass all these tests. At my clinic they have all the screening does for all the donors so I didn’t have that levels of extra testing and anxiety. Fingers crossed!

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