It’s Friday, and I’ve had a long week at work, so forgive me for these most random thoughts.

I don’t know if I mentioned it here (I did a few weeks ago over here), but I started W.eight W.atchers again. I cashed in on my head start (being sick after the holiday), and went into serious detox mode. Lost 5 pounds on my own, and another 8 since. My quick goal before starting my DE cycle was to drop as much weight as I could, and basically get myself to a healthier place.

To my surprise, I’ve been hanging in there. And after two weeks of hard-core detoxing, I must report I am feeling wonderful. My energy is back again! It’s as is I flipped a light switch. Who knew? It was just the right time, and the right place of mind for me to do this. I am eating foods I never would have touched before. It seems a radical approach, BUT it is working for me right now.

David is having a great time @ basketball. The first practice was, well, hard for him. He seriously needed some help dribbling. But one basketball purchase later from T.arget, (and some practice time in with his Mom the “former teen basketball queen”), he is doing a lot better and loving the game. He especially loves the warm-ups (as evidenced to the right>>>>)

Also, I’ve been obsessing over something that is driving me crazy lately, and it has nothing to do with infertility (surprise!). It’s my anonymity as a blogger. I am slowly coming to grips that some people might find me on the web whether I want them to or not. Either that or I need to drop every social networking tool. lol. Check out my latest post on New Jersey Moms Blog )and you’ll read what I’m talking about.

Last but not least, next week I should hear something (in the form of a schedule) from the RE on the donor. She has an appointment on Tuesday to get the ball rolling.

That’s it from here! Have a great weekend friends!

5 thoughts on “Trivialities

  1. Congrats on the weight loss! Doesn’t it feel good when you start seeing those pounds coming off (not that I would know!) :)Can’t wait to hear about the donor…2009 is going to your year 🙂

  2. Fantastic about the weight loss. And fingers crossed abotu the schedule working out with the DE. I remember how stressful it is. IT;s way more stressful to wait form someone else to get her period than to wait for yours.

  3. Jen- we pull the car out of our garage and practice dribbling in there. We have no hoop… but oh well… we’ll get one of those this year and he can get ready for next season! lol

  4. OMG– matthew’s in basketball, too. It’s so funny to watch! I’ll have to take your advice and buy him a basketball to practice, ’cause he ‘ain’t got no skillz!” But, where do you practice in the dead of winter?His 6th [ 😦 ] birthday is on monday, and we’re getting him a hoop and ball. It sucks having birthdays in January.Anywho, congrats on the WW success… I’m hoping you can inspire me : )On the fertility front… yea for getting a schedule soon! One step closer… I’m rooting for you Shelli!

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