You are HERE not THERE

I should be in Northern California today, but alas, I am not.

Why… pray tell? I am excited to be a part of a special project for 23andMe. Have you heard of this company? Oh, I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

They’ve been featured on Oprah, and been awarded the distinguished Invention of the Year by Time Magazine.

And, now, I am an official blogger for them. ME. In fact, my DNA is somewhere in a lab being analyzed right NOW. Aren’t you intrigued?

I am seriously excited to be a part of this project. Writing is my passion, and I’ll be doing a lot more of it.

So why am I here and not there? Well, I thought I’d be further ahead in my DE cycle when the trip was planned, so I had to pass on the meet and greet in CA. Major bummer. Instead, I am here in the 20 degree bliss which is New Jersey.

More on the details later.

For now, I must grab my cup of tea and wooly slippers.

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