Hungry like the wolf

Still recovering from the ickies (they took a lot longer to get rid of than I hoped). The good news is we are all now on the path to wellness again.

Speaking of wellness, I am now officially “back on the wagon” with my diet. Being sick gave me a five pound head start, and yesterday I went back to Wei.ght W.atchers. The good news is I gained no weight over the holidays! The bad news is I am still fat. And hungry.

Oh hell, it is what it is I guess. …Baby steps.

David started his first season of basketball last Sunday. Much like soccer, basketball and 5/6 year-olds are a sight to see in action. Picture a bunch of kids under the basket with hands up in the air and clueless faces. lol. David seems to like it. He does great with shooting, but not so great dribbling. We bought a (real) basketball over the weekend and are working on that. Since I played basketball as a youth, I now finally have the chance to show David my “mad basketball skillz”. bwahahaha. If I remember them.

Lastly, an update on the donor cycle. Nothing happened over the holidays due to vacations and merriment. I don’t have a schedule yet, but hoping to soon. I got a call from the donor coordinator today, and the donor is still “on” (she has an appt. with the RE on the 27th), and is awaiting a new cycle to start. So, no birth control pills or Lupron yet on the horizon. Suffice to say that nothing interesting will be going on the remainder of this month at least. Not that it matters much, my schedule is pretty open and nothing significant is coming up that will conflict with the plan.

I am happy to be in a place right now of zen.

Concentrating on self-improvement and resting up for what the New Year holds in store.

2 thoughts on “Hungry like the wolf

  1. Ok, my previously wonderful and erudite comment got eaten. Darn it. The gist: babysteps are slow, but like the turtle, they win the race. Zen is wonderful and I’m so glad that you are in a peaceful place. The calm before the storm?

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