Update from the Sick house

“Sick” as in illness, not “totally rad” (hey, I’m an 80’s girl) or, what is it that the new generation defines sick? Like, awesome? phat? solid? fischnizzle?

Yeah, I’m SO not cool. Don’t torture me.

So, S. is still sick, but marginally better so he’s back to work. I am working (sorta), if you consider bringing my laptop to bed working. Or, the hour-long power naps I’ve been taking, oh…. every other HOUR.

I’ve had ear pain. Head congestion. A cough that rattles so bad it could wake the dead.

And David? Well, he’s just fine. How we managed not to infest him with the germs is beyond me, although lately I HAVE been toting my can of lysol around the house.

In MILESTONE news, David lost two teeth!!

His bottom front two teeth fell out on New Year’s eve and last Sunday. If I was feeling better, I would post a pic, but, alas, I am not in the mood for uploading from my camera.

Let it be known that David has noted that the Tooth Fairy is cheap for only leaving him 3 dollars for each tooth (he wanted $10!).

And so goes the last week of the first week of 2009.

6 thoughts on “Update from the Sick house

  1. My son lost his two bottom teeth, too! He looks so funny. He got $5 for the first one and $2 for the second one. Apparently the tooth fairy thinks that the first one is a BIG DEAL! Feel better!Hugs,-D

  2. I think it’s time to teach death about the word ‘recession’.. the fairy had to cut back! It’s hard times!I’m glad you guys are slowly on the mend :O).

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