Go Fish!

So it’s only the second day of the new year, and it begins with two of us sick.

We’ve been pretty lucky lately, avoiding the sickies. S. even escaped his annual sinus infection (or so we thought). D. is his usual healthy self.

Then, the day before New Year’s eve, S. got really sick. It started off as sinus-related, and morphed into a coughing frenzy. So I spent New Year’s eve ringing it in (alone). Just me and Dick Clark (and that annoying Ryan Seacrest).

I was feeling a little odd, but stayed up until 1am anyway. What can I say? I just had to watch the B-list entertainment on TV.

I woke up yesterday feeling very tired, and woozy. Odd, since no alcohol passed my lips the evening before. By last evening, I was coughing, hacking, and sleepless. Illness #1 for 2009.

Today, sick. And since S. is back to work, I have the whole day to be sick and play with D.

Let’s see… so far we’ve conquered space and the martian population, played three games of Hungry Hungry Hippos, built a Lego masterpiece, played cards, and used a crane to save the firemen from the burning wreckage of a building.

And it’s only 11am.

Care to join me?

5 thoughts on “Go Fish!

  1. Isn’t it so GRAND that moms don’t get a day off? Really, GENIUS idea!!I say call it a Movie Friday.. David, you get to watch ALL of the movies you want, ALL DAY! Quietly. While mom curls up and sleeps the sickies away.

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