Looks like we made it

Another Christmas in the history books.

And, I might add, one of the most stress-free I’ve had in years. Primarily, because of the shaving down of the gluttony, but even better that Christmas fell on a Thursday, leaving 3 days to unwind, eat leftovers, and open every last twist tie on each toy.

Aaaah, now I feel rested.

Almost takes the sting out of the fact I am back to work today.


4 thoughts on “Looks like we made it

  1. Shelli- Your tree looks beautiful & David looks like one happy boy!And I haven't commented on the fact that you have chosen a donor… but I am so happy for you! I wish you only good things for 2009! Looking forward to sharing the journey with you!Well, Happy New Year! Sorry you're working : ( My maternity leave ends this week, and I'm back to work Jan. 2nd. Ugghhhh! Jen

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