No place for wimps!

You know the images each year of the brides lining up at Filene’s in Boston, MA for a chance at clinching that bargain-basement price for a wedding gown?

Well, we have a version of that here in the suburbs of New Jersey, and it’s called a Holiday Craft Show. And it’s not a place for wimps.

For those of you not familiar with this type of event, it’s usually held at a church or school, and it’s a mass of craft vendors (selling jewelry, home furnishings, gifts and such). There is one in my area that is extremely well known. People line up in the freezing cold waiting for the doors to open at 9am.

The serious women bring their own shopping bags for the loot, stand in sub-zero temps with no coat on (because once you are inside it’s hotter than Hades), and wear those god-awful fanny packs for easy access to money.

About ten years ago, I was one of those women (minus the fanny pack… ugh, that’s a travesty to a handbag queen!). These days I frequent them less and less. Usually just buying a couple trinkets for Christmas gifts.

I took my Mom this year, and I guess we are off our game because by the time we pulled in the parking lot, the spots were mostly full (it was only 9:05am). And, as we walked into the school gymnasium, some of the vendors had people standing in front of tables ten people deep.


All for a custom-made wreath or a personalized holiday ornament.

I had forgotten the rule “pick up an item when you see it, or it’s gone”. I lost out on a cute ornament to a 70’ish lady who body-slammed me to get the last sparkly snowman.

Holiday cheer anyone?

We passed one vendor (who we LOVE- she hand paints crafts with amazing detail), and she had THREE items left in her stall. It was 9:20am. She sold out in 20 minutes.

I did pick up a beautiful candy cane ornament. And I did find a sparkly snowman (different, but just as adorable).

As we walked out, a mass of men huddled in the parking lot. Holding their cell phones and laughing, “we’re just here to carry out bags to the car”.

aaaaahhhhh… the shopping season has officially begun.

Apparently the world economic down-turn doesn’t apply to craft shows.

6 thoughts on “No place for wimps!

  1. lol at the fanny packs. Ewww!!!Yeah, you’d never know there was an economic crisis at Disneyland either, although in my industry, we have been hit hard. Weird times, for sure.

  2. Well, it wasn’t a complete loss then. I love finding the perfect ornament. I used to brave the crowds for things like that, but now I stay home and sleep. I’m defeated.

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