5 thoughts on “Soccer Star

  1. I am really dreading the soccer years. I told Mr. Peeveme that he goes to soccer games and I go to ballet recitals. Shoot, I’m going to ballet recitals even if Picolinna doesn’t dance ballet. No way in heck I’m sitting out in the cold once a week to watch soccer. Do the other moms and dads look at you funny of you bring along a book to read/ or paperwork to finish??

  2. ShelliI am freaking out! I am new to NJmomsblog and just found you and you are actually close to me!!! We have to meet up some time!!!! Such a cute video. My son is 5 too!!! He just started soccer. but he isnt to into it. Piano seems to be more of his thing!Elizabethwww.motherhoodavenue.com

  3. Hi Shelli-I’m with ya on the 5 year olds playing soccer thing!Nice to here from ya… I’ll have to catch up with all your goings on… I’ve been thinking of ya, and hoping for only the best.Had to escape the internets and bloggyland for my own sanity. It helped decrease some anxiety, but I was on eggshells the whole pregnancy. In fact, the night before my C-section, I had myself convinced I had a placental abruption, and the baby had died. Nice, huh?I’ll catch up more later… hope David is doing well : )Jen

  4. haha!!! i LOVE kids soccor for that reason. it is just this massive pack of kids chasing one poor ball!! haha it dosen’t even matter what direction it is going, but all the kids run after it and kick it whatever way they can! sooo cute 🙂

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