Yeah, I’m quirky… so what??

My buddy Melissa tagged me for a meme. I’ve been doing a lot of these lately, but haven’t done this one yet, so here goes…

6 quirky things about me!

1. I don’t carry loose change. I hate random pennies and dimes at the bottom of my purse. Primarily because they are dirty. And dirty money can ruin the inside of a fine wallet or purse! Seriously, when I handle money, I feel an intense need to wash my hands. Germs, GAH! I can’t stand it. So if I am using cash, most times, if there’s coins involved, I say… “keep the change” (and the germs please).

2. I like sunflower seeds. I don’t eat them often, but when I do, my favorite part is the shell. When did it become a crime to chew them up and eat them whole? I used to have a friend in high school that would delicately pick apart the shell and only eat the seed. What a giant waste of time…. lol.

3. I’ve had an obsession my entire life regarding space. As in, The Universe. I can watch shows on cable all day regarding the planets, the stars, black holes, and the space program. In fact, I just watched a TV show a few nights ago regarding the Hubble telescope. I can’t get enough. Not that I ever wanted to be an aerospace engineer or anything, but I find the subject intensely interesting. Don’t get me started on thinking about the universe. And that the Milky Way is merely a blip on the radar. When I think about how space spans into infinity, it makes my head twirl. And, yes, the concept that space is actually imploding in on us in the next 100,000 years makes me sad.

Have I lost you yet?

4. Speaking of Lost, I must also admit I am a fan fanatic of the TV show “Lost”. I’ve seen every episode at least 4 times, and yes, I am the scary geek that listens to fan podcasts, and thinks that JJ Abrams is the master of the universe. Oh, there we go back to the universe again… sorry.

5. I can’t step on elevators anymore. Yes, sadly, our trip in 2007 in which I WAS STUCK in an elevator, and had to be RESCUED by the Hilton Head, SC Fire Department has made me a pansy. I choose to walk stairs.

6. I used to be an avid reader, but not so much nowadays. Why? I have this thing about reading books. If I start reading a book, I can’t put it down. For real. I used to crack open a Stephen King hardcover in my twenties, and read all 400 pages in one day. So I tend to stick to shorter books, unless I am compelled by a really, really good book. In which I just plan on being up for 24 hours, or whenever I finish it.

So yeah, I got some quirkiness… how about you? Please don’t make me feel like a moron.

6 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m quirky… so what??

  1. I have also always had a huge fascination with the universe and how the concepts of space and time and size are all so … whoa – freakin’ huge. A LOOOONG time ago, I read this short story. Well, it was more like a narrative hypothesis. What if it was possible to travel to the edge of the universe, and after you finally arrived there after a gabillzion years, you stepped outside and felt that the there was a wall that was smooth and curved, like the inside of a shell. So you crack it, and in floods scintillating light. And somehow you realize that what we know of as this huge universe is really just a tiny speck of a molecule on a tiny blade of grass on some other planet. That’s the kind of story you smoke a joint after reading and try to sound like you’re a philosopher. (j/k)ICLW

  2. Um.. you’re a total freak. Ha! Just kidding. Well. I put ketchup on eggs, though I think that’s just a NY thing. I can’t eat fake chicken (fast food, frozen chicken, etc). Everything in my house has to be symmetrical. I leave one door open in the car until I get to the driver’s side, because I’m terrified of closing that door and having the car lock up (with the girls in it!). I sleep with a moose. His name is Moo. And he has bells in his feet so that I can find him at night. You can stop laughing now. Really. Like, now. I am an absolutely psychotic party planner… it takes me months and I plan down to the tiniest detail… knowing full and well that NO ONE else will notice. I like to bake and then stare at how pretty things are, but I rarely eat them because I’m scared of getting fat again. I can’t read fiction. I can’t even MAKE myself read it. And I don’t understand why anyone would want to read about things that never happened, unless you’re 5. No offense, ha! I think Anderson Cooper is the most gorgeous man alive. I can’t stand stupid comedy, so most movies and Saturday Night Live are out. And um… I usually drink half of a bottle of water and then leave it where I am and forget about it, while I get another. So on any given day, you can find at least 10 half-empty bottles of water scattered around the house. And I won’t drink them once they have been sitting there, because I think they taste funny.Okay, now I’m just embarassing myself.

  3. Those are some good quirks! We share LOST obsession, reading books in their entirety, and hating loose change. Why don’t they just get rid of it already? I don’t carry cash, either. But that’s mostly cuz I’ll spend it immediately. I have lots of others, the biggest being my incredible olfactory sensors. My smeller is Off The Charts.

  4. haha those are some great quirks! I can’t believe you eat the shells!!!! they are so tough and chewy and make me choke when I accidently swallow them! hahaquirky me? well the biggest thing is my ocdness, that requires things to be neat or I can’t sleep! haha

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