The Dust Bowl

Yesterday, I took David on a hayride. Unfortunately, so did half of the free world since it was a school holiday.

We took Grandmom (my Mom) along, and parked about a county away. Then we waited 40 minutes in line for tickets. And another half hour to actually get ON the hayride.

It was so HOT and so DUSTY. Totally ruined the ambience. No hot apple cider. I didn’t even want anything hot. Maybe ice cream.

Damn global warming.

I had to carry three huge pumpkins back to the car and ended up getting a pretty good workout. My arms still hurt today. But all in all, David had a good time so that’s all that matters.

Can’t tell by the pictures… just imagine it’s 60 degrees and Fall-like.

Maybe we’ll do it again when we ever get a cold day!

4 thoughts on “The Dust Bowl

  1. I just picked up two at the grocery store. Much cheaper. I’ll still take Piccolina to the pumpkin patch for the photo op. I imagine this is the last year I can pull that kind of cheap-ass move. I think she’s going to catch on. Poor girl….someday I’m going to make her smuggle zip-lock bags of popcorn to the movies.

  2. We went to the pumpkin patch last night, too! And it was about 90 degrees. I said the exact same thing, ‘damn global warming!’. Here’s to hoping that next year you’re dragging four pumpkins home. If it can happen to me…

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