I think we need a bigger boat

No worries, I haven’t been absent, just enjoying a long weekend.

Well, sorta.

The economy has been bringing me down. Waaaaay down. Add to it that it coincides with our future plans, and well… you get the idea.

I posted over at my other home, NJ Moms Blog about the latest casualty in the BagMomma house. It’s a small thing, but pretty much marks The End of Days around here.

Nope, it isn’t pretty. Kind of makes me feel completely insane that I am about to take out a very large loan for medical expenses.

Back tomorrow with fun stuff from the pumpkin patch. It’s not just for celebrities!

p.s. you do get the pun about the boat, right? Columbus Day? Jaws? I know it’s a fuzzy connection, just go with it.

2 thoughts on “I think we need a bigger boat

  1. I hear ya. Just took out a big loan. Dh has not found another solid job (he has options but they are not very good ones). I’m just closing my eyes and “jumping”. I have lived me whole life so carefully….finish school (up to Ph.D.) Meet a man, get married then get pregnant…whoops too old now that I did all that stuff. Need IVf, IVf, IVF W/DE. So all my careful living got me nothing. OK, not nothing but the trade off is really, really hard to take and had I known I would have made other choices. So I’m taking a leap of faith. For once.

  2. I remember hearing somewhere, I don’t remember where, that a sure sign that we were in a recession was that people would smoke their cigarettes down to the filter. Since smoking is so ‘out’ these days, I guess the new bellweather is coffee.

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