Invest in Education has partnered with my fellow contributors to the Silicon Valley Moms Blogs this month to run the Blogger Challenge. Last year they helped 75,000 kids get needed supplies. Now that all of us bloggers are on the case, I know we can help even more kids.

The premise behind is simple and effective. Teachers request what they need and write a description of how the item will benefit the children. Some of the requests are basic, others to enhance the education environment in a creative way. Trust me, you’ll be bowled over as you read though the many requests.

You choose how much you want to contribute. Your money goes directly to the classroom/project of your choice.

So please, if you have a moment click though this link and contribute during the month of October. And know you made a child smile and a teacher very, very happy.

Take a look at the widget in my sidebar. This widget keeps track of every donation that goes though our link. Use the link directly above, or click through via the link in the sidebar. Watch it grow!

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