Angels among us

Sometimes, support comes from the oddest of places.

This nice woman used to be a neighbor of my Gram. She lived in the same “over-55” complex, but they never knew each other. Back when David was born, she knitted something for him, and it so reminded me of my Gram because if my Gram had still been alive, she would have made me something similar.

Anyway, this older woman brings her car into the dealership where S. works, and over the years she has become a friend to S. and a great customer. In my husband’s business, he usually deals with aggravated people- so refreshing to talk to someone with a heart.

Sometime long ago, S. shared with this woman that we were going through some serious infertility issues (after she asked the inevitable question, “aren’t you having any more children??”) Each time she would visit my husband, she would always ask for updates. And as she departed, always mentioned she would say a prayer for us.

Yesterday, she arrived with an envelope. Inside was a prayer card (for St. Gerard, Patron Saint of Motherhood), and a relic.

I was just stunned with this act of kindness. An almost stranger thinking of me, rooting for me. Praying for me.

Such a selfless thing to do! I feel unworthy, yet strangely comforted.

If angels do exist, I do believe I have one.

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