Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own

“Listen to me now
I need to let you know
You don’t have to go it alone

And it’s you when I look in the mirror
And it’s you that makes it hard to let go
Sometimes you can’t make it on your own
Sometimes you can’t make it
The best you can do is to fake it
Sometimes you can’t make it on your own”

~Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own, Lyrics by Bono of U2

The years are ticking by so fast now. It feels like yesterday when I celebrated this blog’s one year anniversary, and here we are again at another milestone.

Blogoversary #2

It’s fitting to start another new year with another new chapter in my life. Curious timing indeed.

I dedicate this blogoversary to all of you. It’s YOU that have helped me and supported me when support in real life was hit or miss. Many of you have pulled me back from that cliff and listened while I vented, and cried when I cried, and cheered me on when I needed a personal pep rally.

…and whether I am talking about the pain of secondary infertility, or the ups and downs of being a Mom, or the roadblocks and successes of working full-time as a woman- I constantly learn and grow along with all of you.

Every person who has read or followed my blog (17,000 unique visitors to date- wow) has brightened my life, challenged my thinking, and exposed me to so many experiences I never would have had otherwise. My world is so much richer with all of you in it.

Thank you…


13 thoughts on “Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own

  1. Happy Blogoversary. Thank you for taking the time to share you life with us. Thank you for being there for us when we needed you. Thank you for helping me feel less alone.

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