The First Day

Today was David’s first day of Kindergarten.

It started off great. He had his backpack and was ready to go:

He was excited to get on the bus.

I hopped in the car and drove to school, to meet his bus and partake in the Kindergarten Parenting Tradition of pictures in the gym.

He had that weary look on his face, with all of the parents buzzing around and the commotion, but with a kiss on the forehead he was off to his classroom.

A couple parents and myself stalked in the hallway, and as I zoomed in out of sight with my camera, I saw him crying silently at his desk, with his hands over his eyes. Not a day in the last four years of daycare, preschool, and pre-K, did David ever cry at school.

It broke my heart, and I wanted to reach out to him but I knew I shouldn’t. As the teachers sat the kids at their seats, the assistant whispered something to David and he seemed to come around.

I lurked in the hallway until the principal encouraged us (gently) to leave. Three moms and I walked out with tears in our eyes.

I’m sure he’s fine, and it was a case of the nerves getting the best of him… being in a new environment around new people. I remember my first day of school, and what a mixture of emotions. Happy, sad, scared, excited.

But after the events of the last few days it was a lot of tears shed from my end… all the way driving home, and salty tears hitting the keyboard as I type this.

My baby is a big boy now.

10 thoughts on “The First Day

  1. Wow, you’ve had some emotional rollercoasters these past few days! It must have been so hard to tear yourself away seeing him there crying, but this is part of growing up. On my first day of public school (I went to private from K-3), I had some of those moments, but of course, by the end of the day, I had it all figured out and came home with a smile on my face. I bet your little guy will be just fine. You may take a little longer to heal. :)You are such a great mom, and I hope that you get that chance again very soon.

  2. Poor mom. He’s going to be okay. I think the first day of kindergarden is harder on parents than it is the kids. I bet he comes home with great stories about his day. 🙂

  3. aww..he will be fine. Probably just overwhelmed with the excitement of all the new. He’ll likely come home all excited to tell you about what a great day he had. Hang in there, mom!

  4. O Shelli! I’m sure he’s having fun right at this moment! Doesn’t make it easier for you…but he’ll have so many stories he’ll want to tell you!Thinking of you!

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