Swan Song


I spoke to the nurse this morning, and my clinic does a patient review each week so that all four of the RE’s can make suggestions for next steps. My file will be reviewed on Friday and I’ll have a consult sometime in the next two weeks with a lot of feedback.

I already know that this was the last cycle for my own eggs. Even if they advise that we can try another fresh cycle, I only have insurance for one more… and it won’t be wasted on me.

S. and I are prepared to move on with donor eggs and/or adoption.

Thank you all for your support along the way. I hope you will stick by me as I venture into the unknown again.

This time hopefully with a different result.

24 thoughts on “Swan Song

  1. PS – If it gives you some rays of hope, a good friend of mine who did not have success w/ her first three IVF cycles, is now about 16 weeks pregnant w/ twins (and has frozen embryos left) from her first donor egg cycle. I know you may not choose that route, but just in case, thought I would share.

  2. I am so sorry Shelli! I just got back from being away for a few days and hadn’t checked in. I was hoping and praying and had everything crossed for you, if only that was enough to make it so… (((HUGS))) I know how disappointing BFNs are after the labor of love of IVF cycles prefaced by struggling with SIF. I will forsure be here to continue to walk with you on your journey trying to have another child either with donor eggs or adoption. As others have said be kind to yourself and know that you have done everything you could and that is very admirable. You are a strong woman, wife and mother. Hang in there. (((HUGS)))

  3. My brain is spinning…I’m so sorry Shelli. Don’t let yourself feel as if you have backed yourself into a corner with this cycle. You would’ve asked yourself what if…

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