If I was an impatient person, I’d be testing by now.

Actually, I am impatient (in mostly all things) but when it comes to HPT’s I am not. I like to live blissfully unaware. Why? Because it means more days of being hopeful. That’s some serious psychological bullshit, but it suits me.

Can we talk about symptoms? Because I’ve had many (which started a couple days ago), but the one thing I haven’t factored into the situation is the meds I am still on.

I am taking Crinone Gel and Estrace. I don’t have previous experience with either, so I am afraid any symptoms I have are from the meds, not a pregnancy. I’ve been terribly bloated, and mildly crampy, headachey, and pretty much in biotch mode.

So I guess my previous method of knowing I AM or I AM NOT will not work in this situation.

Which circles me back around to testing.

Waaaaay back in 2002, when I was first cycling I had an internet friend (Hi Natalie!) and we were the ANTI POAS’ers. While our internet buds gleefully started testing on 3dpo, we would literally wait until after AF was scheduled to arrive. Which meant we saved a lot of $$$ on tests. I guess it helped that we had a regular LP (Luteal Phase), because this doesn’t work unless you are consistent.

Anyway… that was a tangent there. My point is, I am considering breaking out some HPT’s over the weekend. Beta day is Monday, and I might wait. Geez, I don’t know. I guess I’ll take it day to day.

I can tell you that if the symptoms disappear, then I will test to put myself out of misery.

I hate this part.

16 thoughts on “6dp3dt

  1. I think you should do whatever you fee like. If you want to be blissfully unaware and hopeful then go right ahead. If you need to know then pee. I’m in favor of whatever gets one through the day.

  2. I too am a anti-POASer. I gave in the last time and I wish I could say that knowing ahead of time made hearing the beta results easier, it didn’t. The thing is, only you can really know what is best for you. Take Care!

  3. I was blog surfing at 5am (that should tell you how I’m doing in the 2ww. I’m 5dp3dt and feeling that the “symptoms” that I have mean this hasn’t worked. My Beta is Sept 5 but I’ll be POAS on Sept 1. This kinda sucks. Nice handbag and good luck.

  4. My only symptom from crinone was the ick factor. My only symptom with estrace was that it made me CRAZY. So there, I really have nothing helpful, but I’ll be thinking of you this weekend/Monday.

  5. Hang in there, girly.If you test and it’s positive, you’ll probably worry if it’s REALLY positive or HOW positive it is (which obviously only WE out here in the IF world do). And if it’s negative, you’ll assume that it’s REALLY negative. So either way you kind of lose. But even knowing all of that, I’d test anyway, because I have no self control.

  6. ahh I hate the end of the 2ww! so stressful interperting the syptoms! I would test on the weekend, but thats just me! Then you will get the exciting or sad news in your home on your terms, not over the phone by a nurse! but whatever you decide I am very excited for you!

  7. I’m anti POASer as well, but still can’t resist the things.Well done for holding out! All the best for the remainder of your 2ww!Here from ICLW

  8. omg how do you RESTRAIN yourself? I am awful at waiting for anything. I was POS’s at 3dpo..yes you read right. I am a psycho POS’er and needed an intervention. Let’s just say I’m sure your RRSP has a tonne more in it than mine. HI, my name is Janis and I am recovering from POTS (peeing on the stick syndrome) Thinking all kinds of sticky thoughts for you!! (ok that sounded wrong but meant in the “G rated” way) Can’t wait for Monday!!

  9. I am definately pro-POAS, but today is still too soon. Tomorrow is the earliest that you may see something. The day after is even better.Keep us posted if you cave! 🙂

  10. lol at the anti poaser – I was always a 12 DPO girl. That seemed a reasonable amt of time and was always reliable. Good luck over the next few days, I know the waiting is so hard. ((hugs))

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