Thank you for your support yesterday. I’ve been feeling a little hyper-sensitive to everything lately, and yesterday was the smack in the face I knew might be coming, but I tried to ignore.

I feel better about things today, and not about to let a little bump in the road derail the process. The fact is, I know deep down that these embies are much better inside me than in a petri dish in the lab. So, I will continue to root for Faith, Hope, and Charity to hang on.

So here we are, 4dp3dt. I’m feeling… eh, okay I guess. Here’s the thing abut being a recurrent miscarrrier… I know pregnant like nobody’s business.

I’ve been pregnant 6 times now (ain’t that a laugh), and I know every little signal of being pregnant. Yep, I’m a veteran so to speak, and in this realm of the 2WW, I know TOO MUCH for my own damn good. Hell, the last two pregnancies I didn’t even need to test. Which is harder I think, because I can’t be fooled.

As you might imagine, today commences “symptom watch” and… except for some heaviness in the uterine area, nothing worth mentioning at the moment.

This morning I went for my obligatory progesterone check at the RE, and the nurse reminded me to take it easy. I plan to, but here’s the thing that might just drive me to the edge over the next week…. I’m not working (remember? my company sabbatical?). So I don’t even have work as a diversion. This should be fun.

Oh, and did I mention my beta date?

September 1st, one week from today… Labor Day.

Kind of ironic, no?

12 thoughts on “4dp3dt

  1. I am truly shocked that your doc didn’t freeze any of your embryos. It sucks when you really have no idea of what their requirements are for freezing since what they may determine as below grade, another will freeze…which isn’t a bad thing since I have one low grade embryo on ice and I have no idea what to do with it…blah.The good thing is though that the three you have on board must all be very nice quality. Here’s to a lovely Labor Day weekend and Holiday.

  2. Here from ICLWI so understand what you’re saying. I’ve also been pregnant 6 times and suffer from RPL. The worst part is that everyone in our support system tries to make us feel better and it doesn’t work because we know too much!

  3. Sorry none of the remaining embryos made it to the freezer but I will keep you in my thoughts for your babies on board.Bring on Sept 1st and good news.Here from IComLeavWe… (adoption,pregnancy loss, IVF twins)My Little Drummer Boys

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