Day 15, Trigger Happy

Today is trigger day. After 14 grueling nights of stims, I feel like I have achieved the Olympic Gold Medal for stimming.

Nurse T did the u/s today, so of course everything is pending the final word upon review of my chart and blood work from Dr. Nerd and/or Dr. No…. but the good news is even if they decide to wait it out a day, it’s only one day.

Egg retrieval is scheduled for Sunday, 9am ET.

I didn’t really pay attention to the details as Nurse T was doing the measurements. I was too busy looking at how large my ovaries were on the screen. No wonder those bad boys have been aching me. I stared into those big, black holes and willed each to have a mature egg.

I have four @ 18 and 19, and a whole lot of 16-17’s.

Lining was a spongy 13mm. I also found out my E2 from two days ago was 1,061… awaiting today’s results, but expecting it to be in the ballpark of 3,000.

Anyway, the chant for today is NO PHONE CALL. No phone call means at 9:30pm ET this evening, I will inject the two syringes of Ovidrel, and say a little prayer.

6 thoughts on “Day 15, Trigger Happy

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that you get the go ahead for trigger. After 14 days you must be extremely happy to be moving on to ER. I’ll be thinking of you!

  2. Shelli ~ Yay your triggering! 14 days of stims…you got me beat by only 2 days. I was starting to think I’d never trigger! Thinking of you today…and this weekend!2WW here we come

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