Day 11

Another monitoring appointment this AM.

Things are still progressing. My E2 from Saturday on Day 9 was 485, so just means more stims for me. Lining was 10mm.

Results from today’s estrogen check = 792.

Meanwhile, the ovaries are still chugging along. Those 10’s are now 11’s and 12’s, and they are all catching up to each other. Left and Right all within the 11-15 range. In my last two IUI cycles, I would be triggering by now, but not this time. I keep looking for any concern from the doctors/nurses, but they are not scared easily I guess. “IVF cycles are different…” they say. See you on Wednesday.

Started the Ganirelix last night, and you would think that measly subQ needle would be a breeze for me, considering I’ve been using the 1 1/2″ IM needles. But after I himmed and hawed about where to inject on my thigh, it took me serious concentration to inject myself. And then after the shot, my skin started to itch a little and the injection site looked like I was having a minor skin reaction. Since I had an allergic reaction to the hCG I started to wonder if I was having another reaction to this medication. I started to panic a little. Then I iced it, and within 10 minutes it was okay.

I told the nurse this morning, and she said it was a normal thing, and many ladies experience the same. As long as it went away quickly, it was no biggie.

Now, it seems silly that I worried about it. But at the time the wind was howling, it was raining BUCKETS, and all I could think of was perhaps having to get in the car to a hospital, perhaps going into anaphylactic shock.

It was that kind of day yesterday.

9 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. Hey there Shelli! I think you are having a stellar IVF cycle – you are stimulating so well! I am sorry I have not been commenting but I’ve been reading faithfully. I’m very excited and hopeful that this cycle is it for you! As always, you approach every step with grace and style : ) I think I need to learn something from that.Angela

  2. I had a Ganirelix reaction too! I thought it was so weird, the first morning after getting it I went back to bed, so I may have missed it, but the next morning it immediatly got all red and itchy. I hope your follies start speeding up nicely.

  3. When I had my IUI I had to get the shots in the butt. I don’t remember what drug it was, but I distinctly remember my husband enjoying giving me that shot a little too much!!Good for you that you can do it for yourself. My fingers are still crossed!!

  4. Amber- you did my review??? awwwww, thank you! That was so well written, and I LOVED the post you chose!! It was such a simple post, that fortune cookie… but I think of it every day.Thanks for the pep talk. Yeah, paying for another round of meds also got me wired.

  5. Looking good. I stim slowly as well. So instead of 10 stim days I go for 13-14. Let me tell you…those extra days are REALLY expensive! I hat re=ordering mes. You think you know how much something will cost and bam! Extra 1,500K please. It wont be long now. BTW..I did you Round-up Review! That’s how I found you.

  6. I injected the ganerelix into my stomach and while the shot itself didn’t hurt, the injection site after was red and itchy…think fire ant bite. It would go away in about 2 hours.It sounds like you are progressing nicely. Hang in there!

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