Day 7, Threat Level Orange

So, after 6 evenings of stims, I am ever so s-l-o-w-l-y plugging along.

This morning’s scan revealed not much excitement. L Ovary is still slacking with 3 under 10 and some tiny follies. R Ovary has largest at 11, and seven under 10.

Well, at least none of the follicles are dominating the others. bwahaha.

Lining was a respectable 9mm. Waiting for E2 results.

So, now, I realize that my estimated ER will almost certainly be pushed out. Please tell me HOW on a low dose of the same medication with my last two IUI’s a mere 6 months ago, I was overproducing sizable follicles and now I am in the eqivalent of the slow boat to China.

Anyway, the “C” word was not spoken (Cancellation, for those of you who don’t know), but I am praying for some good growth for my next scan on Saturday or that could be on the table.

Speaking of Saturday’s appointment, since it’s the weekend, I have to go to the “far-away” office for my scan and b/w. Which means I have to get up at 5am in order to get there by 7:15am.

Which also means I have to ship David out to stay overnight at one of the Grandparents houses because hubby is WORKING on Saturday.

And did I mention that because I am using 7 vials of meds at a time I have to REFILL my Gonal-F and Menopur. I can’t tell you my co-pay because you’d shit a brick. Of course this is where I also mention that I am fortunate to have some insurance. Not dissing those of you who are self-pay, you are truly the brave ones.


Please keep me and my follicles in your thoughts. Without all of your support I would surely be banging my head against the wall right now…

8 thoughts on “Day 7, Threat Level Orange

  1. They’ll get there. Keep the faith. I’m doing IUI for the 3rd time, now on a higher dosage of clomid and same thing – I got one crappy follicle. First 2 cycles they were worried I was going to have too many eggs. On a side note, have your docs ever recommended that you go on heparin or lovenox? I’ve had 3 losses all in a row this year and even though my work-up showed no blood clotting disorders, my doc at Cornell in NYC said that they would certainly put me on lovenox injections next time as a precaution. Might be worth looking into as well. Good luck. I am pulling for you.

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