Wardrobe Reflections

Today was uniform purchase day at the school David will be attending next month.

It was a zoo. Clothes flying everywhere. Adults making fools of themselves being impatient and rude.

It was pretty unorganized, so I made the best of a bad situation and found a young girl to help me. She was nice enough to walk us though every oxford shirt, tie, and gym short.

I am so GLAD David will be wearing a uniform. Totally takes the pressure off buying school clothes.


Nothing new in the IVF realm. RE upped my dose yesterday to stimulate some better growth. Next scan is tomorrow. Pray for lots of follicles please.


Oh, and speaking of Kindergarten, check out my latest NJ Moms post. The meds are making me reflective, crazy, and weepy. Par for the course.

6 thoughts on “Wardrobe Reflections

  1. Best of luck on your scan tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you. Your other post brought tears to my eyes. I’m an only child, and it wasn’t by choice of my parents.

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