Follicular fun

Well, just returned from my first follie check.

Dr. Nerd, charming as normal, chatted to me prior to the scan. “Here we go again…” I said, half jokingly. He read between the lines, and picked up on my sarcasm…. and then he exclaimed… “But this is IVF! The rules are much different. We’ll get you to 9 months, I have confidence in you and me.”

God bless him. Always an optimist.

So I guess the scan was okay… my ovaries are starting to rev up. On the R side, I have one 8, two 7’s, and seven smaller follicles. On the L side (usually my good side), I have 2-3 lazy follies clocking in at 6. Nothing else visible on the left.

Stop slacking LEFT ovary!!!!

Dr. Nerd said all looked good, and just waiting for the bloodwork results to see how the estrogen is doing. So basically, I am to continue on the 300 IU Gonal-F and 150 IU Menopur unless they call late this afternoon to tweak the dosage.

Oh, and I parted with more cash for the cryo and preservation. Not that I’ll have any decent eggs to freeze, but a girl can hope.

That’s it for now! Next appointment is Thursday AM.

Update: you LAZY, LAZY ovary!! Upping the dosage to 375 IU on the Gonal-F.

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