So not much news to report here yet. My next monitoring appointment is tomorrow when we’ll get a peek at how the follies are developing.

S. is getting used to the two-shot ritual at night. Can I just say here to my cycling friends that I am envious of those of you who get to do all of your injections subQ. I am stuck with those 1 1/2″ monster IM needles. Thank goodness I get to do the ganirilex and ovidrel subQ. That’s like a picnic for me. 😉

Not much else going on here at the homestead. Trying to catch up on a little work around the house while returning work e-mails this morning. It is a blessing to work at home, but annoying as hell when I have a busy day of meetings and my laundry is mocking me from the corner. Actually, today I have 2 loads of unfolded laundry mocking me, and the cats are marveling at my pharmaceutical basket of goodies (plotting on what they can snag and hide under the couch).

It’s a good thing I keep the syringes out of reach.

3 thoughts on “Coasting

  1. ohh man I can’t believe you have to have so many needles, I am such a needle chicken! you go girl, after all this I think you deserve a new handbag for sure!

  2. Good luck at your appoinment tomorrow! I have to say, the IM needles scare me. They are taunting me from their current spot everytime I go in the bathroom. I remember being scared about the SubQ’s, now they are nothing at all. When we start PIO’s, I’m going to be so scared!

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