Friends indeed

The kittens! It’s been awhile since I posted about the kittens, er, cats. In the last two months they’ve sprouted into what seems like full size cats.

David is enamoured by them. When I think back to when I was questioning adopting the kitten brothers, I could kick myself for almost not bringing them both home. They are entertaining, fun, great companions, and most of all… they are playmates for David. They follow him around, watch movies with him on his portable DVD player (really!), and provide endless entertainment to a five year old (and us too).

Now that they are here, I can’t imagine being without them. The house just feels a lot fuller with pets around.

5 thoughts on “Friends indeed

  1. Very sweet pictures. Pets are wonderful to have and are quite entertaining! Looks like he will be one male not growing up and disliking cats, his future wife may thank you.

  2. All three are totally adorable. It’s nice the kittens like your son so much. I remember being heartbroken as a child because the dog my parents had before I was born much preferred them to me. I really wanted a pet of my own, so it’s great the kittens have bonded so much with your son.

  3. I think pets are just wonderful. We have two cats and a dog, and they can certainly be a huge pain, but they just liven up the house. I think they bring a lot to children too. They play with them, but also learn kindness to animals.They sure are cute little ones!–MM

  4. also my google reader still isn’t picking up your posts?? I thought I put in the new url, but it isn’t working?? So sorry I have been slacking at reading, its googles fault! blame them 🙂

  5. awe!! I love cats soo much! They are soo cute! My cat I think is about 5 times that size and I still call him a kitten, or monkey cat, or the beast, baby cat many nicknames, do you see my desperation for a child here????

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