Just what are you intending on doing with those pills?

Fun times yesterday.

I opened my pack of BCP’s to see there was just three left, so I figured I better call the pharmacy for the refill. My RE has me finishing this pack, and then taking three more pills from a new pack… the intent was to get me aligned with their schedule with the lab and the other IVF patients. Now having just received a shipment of $7k worth of meds, you’d think getting a refill on a measly pack of birth control pills would be a cinch.

Not so. I called in my refill, and it was rejected. Rejected?? For what?

Pharmacist tells me I am refilling TOO EARLY. While it is true I have technically 10 left in the current pack (three active pills and 7 blanks) I stressed to said pharmacist that I need the pack NOW for the weekend. LOOK at the INSTRUCTIONS on the label, it says, TAKE 2 PACKS CONTINUOUSLY.

After a 15 minute exchange with the pharmacy, with looks from them like I was trying to ROB the place or involve them in some sort of birth control pill “black market scheme”, I finally walked out with my $4 refill.

Ummmm, how is it that I can get injectible drugs and narcotics for this IVF cycle with ease, BUT was asked twenty questions for a $4 pack of pills?

Truly scary.

13 thoughts on “Just what are you intending on doing with those pills?

  1. Hello! Pharmacist here! I haven’t worked in retail pharmacy in a few years, but I doubt it has changed much.I’m fairly sure it was the insurance company rejecting the refill, not the pharmacists. Most insurance companies would consider ten days too soon. The pharmacist most likely had to put in a special code or call the insurance company for a special approval to get it covered for you.Don’t forget the pharmacist is there to make sure you get the right medication. We are your last line of defense in a way. It’s not just about rules and being an ass. We really do want to make sure what you get is right and appropriate. What you were getting was different from the usual, so a good pharmacist would question it to make sure its right. Anyway, I’m glad it all worked out for you. Best of luck with this cycle!ICLW

  2. This is one thing that is so dumbfounding to me, the ease of getting all these super powerful meds! I couldn’t believe it.Good luck with this cycle: I hope it works for you.ICLW

  3. What everyone else said: 7K! I spent 5K and thought that was a lot!Happy you got it worked out. Thanks for your comments over the past few days.

  4. Like you would every OD on birth control pills. You should have added that you need them to get pregnant-really mess with their minds.Love the new look!!!

  5. That’s hysterical! Clearly not the same pharmacy. And wow, you must have gotten the good stuff. My meds were half that, but I’m on a low drug protocol. Good luck with those last few pills! I take my last one on Saturday.

  6. My girlfriend IRL just had the same problem at the pharmacy! I don’t understand, granted it’s been a while since I’ve been on BC pills…but I swear I used to get 3months worth at once!Good luck!

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