One "100 Calorie Snack Pack" away from blowing it

The devil exists in my pantry. It comes in the form of sweet, sometimes salty, often chocolaty, and definitely unfulfillingly addictive delights.

The 100-Calorie Snack.

I would like to publically thank the Large Food Companies for totally ruining my diet. Because it’s a lot like that old potato chip commercial…

“Betcha can’t eat just ONE!”

If you were to look in my garbage can in my office you would see a sight. Empty foil wrappers and crumbs. Reminants of 200-300-400-1,000 calories down the drain.

It’s a conspiracy.

I should just go back to buying large bags of C.hee.tos.

At least I wouldn’t be contributing gazillions of foil wrappers into the massive un-ecofriendly trash dumps.

So much for portion control.

4 thoughts on “One "100 Calorie Snack Pack" away from blowing it

  1. I just went through this with chips. I bought a huge thing of single servings and the first time I ate one bag I ended up eating three! It’s crazy.Like I always tell my hubby, “I’ll do better next year”… He laughs when I say that in January.

  2. I’m such a sucker for those too. I pay triple for the miniature packaging because let’s face it, the odds that I will create 100 calories portions is ummm..slim to none. 🙂

  3. I think the idea was to just eat one are too funny!I only bring one to work and put the others in a very inconvenient location in the pantry. I am usually more tired than I am hungry, so it works for me.

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