The land that infertility forgot: The OB/GYN’s office

Today brought another visit to the GYN for my annual exam. Now, if you remember, the last time I stepped foot in this office I almost had a smackdown with one of the patients in the waiting room.

But this time it was relatively serene. I did grab a seat between two hugely pregnant women, but there was no chit chat, which pleased me. Well, except that the one girl looked like she was a day shy of 18 years old…. but I digress…

I was even surprised that I got called back early, but my good fortune ended soon after I rose from my seat. My doctor was stuck at the hospital, so my choice was to reschedule or see the nurse practioner.

Since my IVF cycle hinges on having my PAP completed, I opted to stay. Turns out the nurse was pretty nice. She talked to me about my plans, and had actually read my chart before she walked in so we didn’t have to do the “what’s going on and how’s your status because I don’t know who the hell you are” conversation. Further, she impressed me by acknowledging my circumstance and providing a good listening ear. She even knew a lot about infertility treatment (perhaps she did a stint at an RE’s office), and that was amazing in itself since I have found that OB/GYN’s (at least the one’s I’ve met in my lifetime) do not care to know a lot about the science behind A.R.T.

Hey and guess what??
Only two weeks left until stims start!

I need to re-educate hubby as my injection assistant. I’m sure he’s a little rusty.

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