Coast to Coast: BlogHer or Bust

Oh, how I wish I was going to BlogHer. Alas, it was not in the cards for me this year (money-wise, or schedule-wise). So I will need to live vicariously through my blogging buds as they jet-off to San Francisco and blog about all the things I am missing!

I am however, very excited to be following my Silicon Valley Moms/friends as they embark on a road trip only Thelma and Louise would rival:

Take five moms, give them a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid SUV, add wireless internet access in the vehicle, a GPS system, cutting-edge cameras and video recording technology, video games, music, gasoline, hotel stays, food, mainstream media covering the road trip on the internet & television – and see what happens as these hilarious and irreverent women drive coast to cost, picking up their fellow SV Moms Group Contributors and blogging it all on the road….. Seriously, you will NOT want to miss following these bloggers as they make their way across the country, from Northern Virginia to San Francisco.

Go visit Silicon Valley Moms Group Summer Road Trip ’08 and follow along with me as my friends traverse the country on their way to BlogHer.

I’m officially jealous! Good luck ladies!!

2 thoughts on “Coast to Coast: BlogHer or Bust

  1. Ok, I should *totally* be going to Blogher as I live in the SV. *sigh* maybe next year. Your description of the road trip made me want to be there! Sounds like some major girl bonding actione!

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