Hardly working

I have off from work today, which is a blessing since I have a monster headache.

I woke up, looked in the mirror, and scared myself to death looking at my roots. I so badly need my hair done. I had been putting it off since my stylist left town, and trying to decide who to see. I almost bought a box of DIY haircolor, but when I thought about it, I just couldn’t do it. So I made an appointment for Thursday with my “go-to guy” at my salon (he was the fill-in when my regular stylist was on vacation or leave). I like him, so I think I’ll just start seeing him. For my hair, that is.

We didn’t do very much over the holiday weekend. Went to a nice party at my brother’s on July 4th. His BIL rented a large, blow-up, mountainous waterpark for the kids, and David had a ball playing on it all afternoon. This thing was the size of a house. It had two slides, a rock wall and a waterfall. It looked like so much fun I pondered jumping on it myself.

The rest of the weekend it rained here. Yesterday, it was torrential downpours all day. So we made the most of it. Feet up on the recliners and a movie marathon.

…and now, it’s Monday. S. is at work, David at summer camp.

Just me and the dishes in the sink, and about 4 loads of laundry.

If only I could assign tasks to the cats. Lucky cats. They get to play and sleep while I’m sweating my ass off cleaning.

Where’s the fairness in that?

4 thoughts on “Hardly working

  1. That jump house rocks!I wish I could train my dogs to clean. They are lucky, lazy, creatures of leisure I tell you! ;)p.s. clicked over from Working Moms Against Guilt…I work 30 hours a week for a biz publishing co.

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