Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech

Oh, hello there. Seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth for the last few days. Actually I haven’t… just busy with a long list of to-do’s and no time to do them.

Since we got “the call” from the school, I’ve been busy catching up on what the other Kindergarten parents already knew about. They had an orientation shortly before the end of the school year with the two teachers. I’m behind the eight ball since I won’t get the same orientation. Spent the last couple of days calling the school secretary back and forth trying to figure out what info I need.

Other than that, I’ve been catching up on work (real work, not the time wasting fun I do here on the internet). I’ve been feeling like I’ve been not entirely productive lately. I know my boss is trying to lay off giving me any crazy projects, primarily because I have my sabbatical coming up in August, and the July/August fertility fun scheduled.

Speaking of which, I’m just waiting around for my next cycle start to begin the birth control pills. Expecting that probably Wednesday of next week.

My RE just did a redo of my insurance coverage and was happy to see some new coverage (albeit not 100% because my plan is 75/25). I see ICSI is covered, and we could potentially need that.. the jury is still out depending on S.’s sample or the RE’s intuition I guess. Interestingly, there are several new sections, most notably a block for “is DE (Donor Egg) covered”? The answer was yes. Which may be something to keep in mind if we strike out this round although kind of generic in nature because the expenses behind DE are not trivial.

Not covered is cryopreservation, which honestly is something in the back of my mind to which I am indifferent. I mean, why keep eggs on ice if my eggs suck? I know I am being presumptuous there, but I find that I am too well informed on all of this infertility stuff. A woman age 40 with good eggs is sort of a misnomer.

I hate statistics.

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