A good day

Well, the kittens are home (more on that later) and all is well. The kittens are just adorable. They are using the litter boxes, eating, and having a grand old time now that they are out of their small home at the shelter!

I had my pelvic evaluation, trial measurement for transfer, and sonohysterography this morning. And guess what? All was well. No cysts, polyps, or an uterine issues to worry about. In fact, Dr. Nerd used the word “perfect” to describe my female anatomy… that was until I corrected him adding that if I was “perfect” I wouldn’t be on this table.

Of course he giggled in his nerdy way.

So, now all that is left is ordering the meds and waiting for my next cycle to start BCP’s. Now that all of the pre-work is out of the way I can focus my attention on working.

Big sigh of relief.

One thought on “A good day

  1. I don’t know about you but ordering meds, filling out the paperwork, getting tests done etc stressed me out. I was glad when all that junk was out of the way.So have you named the cats yet?

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