Vacation recap, or why I almost never came home


To sum it up in one word…. wonderful.

We had perfect weather… sunny and warm. Lots of excuses to do nothing but sit back and relax. I think this vacation was just the thing I needed to get back on track with life. I took about 400 photos with my new camera, so of course I have to show you them all…. I KID…. no, not about the 400 pictures, but I will show you a few.

This was part of the view from our room:

We had beautiful views of Broad Creek. And the DECK… oh, the deck. The rocking chairs are always the best part. If I wasn’t taking this picture, I would be in that very chair with my Corona. And the beach? Magnificent. Perfect for building sandcastles.

David reprised his starring role from last year announcing (sort of) the start of dinner… The Lowcountry Boil. South Carolina style.

We visited Savannah and decided that we want to move there. Really. I’ve been to Savannah on business before, but this time as a tourist which is so much better. What a beautiful city. We took a trolley tour and ate at a real pirate’s den from the 1700’s.

David had fun catching fiddler crabs. Was he scared of getting pinched? Of course not.. he’s a boy.

And every evening, this was the sunset in full view right outside our door.

This year, we didn’t get stuck in an elevator and had to be rescued by the Hilton Head Fire Department. Although that was such a fond 2007 vacation memory.

Yep. we’ll be back. Same time, next year.

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