Please be kind, rewind

Thanks to all of you who offered support during my meltdown last week. Yep, it’s been like that lately. I think there are times when you just want to hide in bed under the covers all day, and Friday was one of those days.

I am anticipating vacation, trying to tie up loose ends at work, attempting to line up my next cycle… and you know when it rains it pours. Just when I thought I had all my ducks in a row, a slapshot out of left field knocks me down and I am left to start all over again.

For example, yesterday I had to pick up David from school early. He was sick, of the intestinal variety, and he went through his change of clothes in his school cubby. The teacher calls me @ noon yesterday to come pick him up, and adds “it’s really bad, I think he needs a bath.” Yep, I’m coming. By the time I return, I have 10 minutes until an important work meeting, so I put him into the bath, suds flying and take a conference call while sitting on the (closed) bathroom toilet while David sat in the bath moaning his tummy hurt.

Fifteen minutes into the call, I put myself off of mute to make a comment at the same time David declares “Mommy, I need to potty NOW!!!!”

Oh yes. That was the point I tried to bow off the call gracefully. The remainder of the afternoon was David sitting in the recliner in my office watching DVD’s on the portable DVD player. And me, moving all my meetings to today.

I had my RE appointment scheduled for this Friday.. my intent was to talk about the “new” plan before vacation so we could think about things over next week. But I had an epiphany this morning and thought HEY WOULDN’T IT BE NICE TO NOT HAVE TO THINK ABOUT all of this ON VACATION, so I did what any insane infertile would do, I called and rescheduled my consult for when we get back. I just started another cycle anyway, so it was really no rush… hell, we might even wing it and actually try the old-fashioned way this month.

So here I am, with a full day of rescheduled work meetings ahead of me and wash/packing for the trip. David is feeling better and is over his Grandma’s today. By bedtime tonight, I plan to be back on track.

And tomorrow? I have a spa day planned. That’s right.. something just for me. This time tomorrow I will be in the middle of a mango pedicure and manicure.

Hopefully not thinking of anything but awaiting the beach, the sunsets, and a mighty stiff martini.

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